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Thursday, March 25, 2004

I am wondering what will happen if FPJ becomes the president. Not that it will really matter I suspect, anyway we have seen the most intelligent to the most stupid bungled up the country; thus having him at the helm will not make any difference. He will just add more color to the already potpourri leaders we have. A royalty, more so now the king, surely, will not hurt. Rather it will only make things more interesting. It is just my luck that I live in the same country where FPJ is funnily and painfully destined to become president.

The Philippines faces a problem of governance. Away from calls for labor uprising by the communist, the revolution that this country needs is a revolution in governance. There is a need to focus on what bogs us, and what is more appalling is simply the incompetence and shortsightedness of our elected leaders. Either out of naïve-ness or arrogance, we have been led not to promise land but to hell as what was wished for by Quezon. No one now attends to needed radical change, only to self-interests that further put the country in quagmire.

To the question whom should we elect, the problem really is just that. The candidates we have, not one deserves our trust. How come we have arrived in this just baffles me; guess this is our scorn, the burden we have to carry for forgetting our history, or forgetting ourselves. But I am getting ahead of myself--despite all my protestations-- all indication is that Fernando Poe will win. There is no stopping the King. We as a people love our entertainers more than ourselves. We are a crazed people if only for our wont to repeat history. But that, as they say, is public knowledge.

So what will the country be? Ah, that is the multi-billion questions. Away from my earlier thesis for the country’s need for better governance, Sotto, that feeble minded senator, for all his foulness, was right in pointing out that the people choose their candidates on the basis of personality rather than on platform. After all, he is the best evidence of such phenomena. Sotto run on the campaign of Eat Bulaga and won. This coming election, he can win even without talking on anything, except dance the Otso-otso, and, I tell you, he will garner more vote than those better qualified than him. This country is run like the way entertainment industry is run, pure of gimmicks and camera tricks. We dance to the beat of novelty songs and exaggerations, not in righteousness and intellect.

The movie industry, that obsession of everyone, dictates our lives. Even the hardcore politicians cannot help but become entertainers. Now, the distinction is becoming more obscure, the people no longer find it worthwhile to separate the two. After all, birds of the same feathers flock together. Governance, my foot! I think any talks about doing the country a great service is just crap, just by lines often heard in movies that we find of no use in real life. Often mushy but it sticks to our minds. Why? Well because it is simple, and because it is fantastic. Movies are designed to lull our senses to submission. Platform of governments should make our politicians beholden to the people. Actors just trick us by exploiting our credulity. It is not that difficult, really. Just that true.

Hence, revolution is for those who are thinking that a new dawn could still be ushered in this country are in for a sad surprise. Theirs is a dying breed. What is sad about all of these is that government posts are now treated as roles to be played rather than vocations to be answered. There is no script to government positions, only complex laws and real demands that require competence and devotion. Movies are simpler than government, while government is less fun than movies. That most of our leaders do not get it is just a grim tragedy for everyone. We sustain too high a price for our entertainment, it spills over to our government.

I cannot exactly say how things would turn up. It is not that hard to feel exasperated with the prospects ahead. Like a nightmare, the country is in for a bad ride. Unfortunately, the people are in it as well. There is no stopping what is inevitable. The soothsayers have said it time and again, we must thread carefully in our march for tomorrow, and in our past the answer lies; we have learned not, sadly.